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Hello, and welcome to the wiki! I'm the resident active bcrat, and can I just gush for a minute to say how glad I am to see you here!* Normally, this isn't something I'd bother with on a wiki, but since there's so much to be done here and so few people to do it, I think it might be useful in this case: please take a moment to sign below with "~~~" and then give a brief summary of your interests and specialities (e.g. which of the two games you know about, what areas you think you can help with, etc). There's a ton of stuff I want to start working on, but I need to get structure in place for them, and I'd rather not just dive right in and mould the wiki in my image if I can get others' input! -- SN sig, 14:43, February 17, 2015 (UTC)
*This message rather relies on anyone reading it, I know. But then, if you're reading this admission, I've already won! :P

Sorceror Nobody (talk) Wiki bcrat, have both games, know them both fairly well although not inside out. Also good with wikimarkup.

Any other comments?Edit

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