Elemental Orb

Elemental Orbs are an item found in Alundra 2. Each one collected increases Flint's Elemental Points (EP) by 100, up to a maximum of 999. There are eight Elemental Orbs in the game.

Location listEdit

  1. Purchasable from Deadeye Zach's for 5000 points.
  2. As a reward for defeating the Giant Spider boss in Dun Webb.
  3. As a reward for defeating the Giant Shark boss in the Sunk Ship.
  4. Purchasable from the merchant in Eden Village for 4000G.
  5. As a reward for defeating the Living Statue boss in Eden Ruins.
  6. In a chest near the end of Turnkey Dam.
  7. As a reward for defeating Blood Fang in Dragonia.
  8. In a chest on top of a red statue in the first area of Tortuga Beach.

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